LifeShape Online

Our experts will design personalised meal and exercise plans for you that are easy to follow at home.

Why LifeShape Online Will Work for You

We believe that education is power. We know from experience that the more we educate and support you, the better you will do with losing weight. That is where we are different.

That is why included in your 12 week program, we provide you with a supportive, clinical team via telehealth to keep you on track and accountable. Not only do we provide personal sessions where you speak to the clinicians, we also send you educational videos that support your weekly resources.
Unlike other general programs, which provide only products or templated advice and where you never talk to a person, our tertiary qualified medical and health professionals will design you a personalised meal and exercise plan that complements your life and are easy to follow at home. Our team will guide you every step of the way.

You will also have access to our extremely successful LifeShape Low Energy Dietary (LED) replacement options (drinks, soups, bars) for the most effective weight loss. Plus, we have thousands of additional resources available to switch things up! Here’s why our program works:



Personal dietitian sessions plus nutrition eating plans, resources, fact sheets and recipes.


Keeping Active

Prescribed exercise and resistance training programs.

Healthy Mindset

Healthy Mindset

LifeShape are national leaders in behaviour-based weight management programs. Our behaviour change trained clinicians will discuss with you the how and why of changing your habits and emotional eating traits.

Telehealth Support

Stay on track and feel fully supported with one-on-one telehealth appointments with our fully qualified medical and allied health team.

What are the differences between LifeShape Online and LifeShape Classic programs?

 For over 20 years, LifeShape has been Australia’s leader in providing multi-disciplinary weight management programs delivered with a medical and allied health team. We have conducted over 400,000 consultations in our face-to-face clinic programs.

While the LifeShape Online program does include personalised meal and exercise plans, access to a wealth of reliable fact driven resources and telehealth consults with a medically trained team; the dedication and mindset to actively adhere to your weekly schedule relies far more heavily with you. If you require a higher level of support to achieve your health and weight loss goals, please get in touch with our team to arrange an initial assessment.